The 5K Color Run // Los Angeles, CA

Want to know what it’s like to run through colorful powder while sweating your booty off?! I’ve got a recap video right on my channel of my 5K Tropicolor Run at Dodger Stadium! Family friendly and super tropical!

If you haven’t heard of The Color Run 5K event, you’re missing out! The Color Run is a 5K paint race that takes place in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, New Zealand, and Australia. Have no fear, it’s not timed, there are no winners or prizes. Instead you’re showered with colored powder made of food-grade corn starch. What an exciting way to get some exercise in for the day! It’s not only an event to promote fitness, but its festival vibe comes along with samples of yummy treats and drinks from your favorite vendors.

I’ve been wanting to do The Color Run for years and it was to my full expectation. What better way to have some fun with my bestie! Enjoy this quick two minute recap video of the lively, energetic walk, run or sprint 5K event! And signup today!


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