Gafton Co. // Street Wear That Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous

“Welcome to the Neighborhood” is the Gafton Co. motto to the unique clothing line that’s designed around the idea of the carefree and simple lifestyle. The Gafton Co. founders grew up on Gafton Ct. and therefore ” ‘GAFTON’ is a constant reminder of a simple time when (they) didn’t have a worry in the world. A place where strangers became friends, and friends became family.  There was always good food on the table and plenty of bounce on the diving board”

My favorite part about Gafton is the material they use for their line. It has a flawless quality, unique style, and it’s extremely comfortable. As I get older, my everyday apparel consists of a more relaxed manner with OF COURSE a touch of flair! (hehe) The simplicity of the logo goes with the idea of the simple lifestyle of the brand. Their adjustable hats are made with a light weight and quality fabric that you’ll never want to take off. Especially with the summer heat wave in California and most of the United States, these hats never make you feel overheated! They also produce the comfiest sweaters and shirts that are made with a ridiculously soft material! I kid you not, they’re extremely soft and it’s the kind of fabric you’d lounge in 24/7…just be sure to wash them every once in awhile. LOLZ.

Here are a few of my favorite things from Gafton Co’s line of snapbacks, shirts AND sweaters!


For more information on their products, here’s their webpage! They currently have an amazing sale going on so don’t miss out! Be sure to join the neighborhood by following @GaftonCo!

XO Nichole

Sponsored by Gafton Co. One of my favorite street wear companies. 

Photography by T-Stoff Photography (@tstoff)

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