Emote: The Documentary


I began production on Emote: The Documentary in 2014 during the summer time. Here we are two years later, 2016, with a final version of the film that has been submitted to the festival circuit! It has always been a dream of mine to get a film in the festival circuit that comes from a personal place. I want to inspire the young and aspiring filmmakers out there to just go for it!

The title “EMOTE” was inspired by my first year on the Los Angeles Ice Theatre team in 2002. Before we took to the ice for our international competition, we put our hands together and loudly yelled, “EMOTE”!
As a child who grew up in the competitive world of figure skating, I watched not only myself go through the everyday struggle of finding self-esteem, but also seeing my closest friends deal with the same.
I remember first skating with Los Angeles Ice Theater, I was twelve years old, and Danelle Cole, LAIT Director, encouraged me to do a double toe jump that I struggled with for several years. I was extremely nervous about it because it was such an inconsistent jump for me. With the encouragement of my teammates and Danelle, I got out there and did it the best I ever had! It was the power of teamwork and support that made me feel empowered to do it over and over again with no mistakes. Through the years of my competitive figure skating career, Theater on Ice improved every aspect of my performance to technicality and confidence.
I was nineteen when I quit the technical side of figure skating due to injury. Where would all my years of training go? The only place I felt successful and could continue on with my twenty years of figure skating was with the Los Angeles Ice Theatre team.
They were my family. They still are my family.
Even now, at the age of twenty-five, I can continue on with my skating by being on a theatre on ice team. It relieves me of stress from work, life and the growing pains of adulthood. It has always been a place I felt confident. Combining my love of figure skating and artistic expression, I have the best of both worlds! I was able to put all the artistic and technical work that I had continuously perfected for years into a team sport that made me feel successful.
Theater on Ice is the perfect place to continue the passion for skating. There has never been enough recognition for it and I want to change that.
My teammates of all ages, from all different places, inspire me daily. It is a place to create life-long friends, confidence, performance skills and a family. It is a way to artistically express one’s self. It is a place to EMOTE, express and feel!
My hope is that the audience will see the influence a team sport can have on a young athlete. How it can truly shape their future and make a world of a difference in their future endeavors.
Emote: The Documentary follows the young women of the Los Angeles Ice Theater, who figure skate to overcome the power of negative words and bullying.

Due to the submission process, I am unable to share the whole film on here. However, here is a little teaser of it! If you’d like to see the screening, follow EMOTE: The Documentary Facebook page!

Winner of:

Hollywood International Independent Documentary Film Festival 2016:  Story, Producers & First Time Filmmaker

Official Selections of:

Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival 2016

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