Making Photos // Tees by Sabre

I’ve gone back to my artistic roots by dabbling into photography again! I’ve been asked several times in the past year, since I’ve put aside photography, if I could do weddings, events and high fashion photo shoots. I finally gave in because I missed it so much! Now, that I’m official back into the photography (and videography) scene, I’ve realized that it is something that makes me who I am. That’s the beautiful journey of life. To dip your brush into different colors just to finally realize that what you had before was right all along. It’s enjoyable to meet different people and capture moments that are frozen in time and to come up with stylized photos for brands and weddings.

If you haven’t noticed already, I’ve added my photography portfolio to Her American Wild! My photography portfolio site is still available, but expect a new revamped version in the coming weeks!

Here are the latest photos I made for my little cousin’s t-shirt line (@teesbysabre). (Sabrina, my cousin, is sitting in the middle.)


Toodles for now.

XO Nichole



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