Hi there, I’m Nichole! I’m an artsy gal born and raised in beautiful Southern California. I attended the University of Southern California where I received my B.A. in Graphic Design and Photography. Since graduating from USC, I have a day job in Marketing & after hours I Produce/Direct.

My most recent work is Emote: The Documentary, that has won several awards in the festival circuit. Did I also mention I make videos & photos for weddings? What can I say?

I am a woman of many hats! Aside from my love of writing, filmmaking and being creative, I love to frolic through grocery aisles to see all the different packaging, eat lots of yummy food, photograph people, Travel and go on adventures with my pal Duke and Figure Skate!
The purpose of my blog is to not only entertain you, but also to show you the work I’ve done and to share with you my journey in life.

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